Blight Beta: Most Important New Features

I’m going to try and keep a prioritised list of most popular feature requests.

Obviously there is a huge list of major features that don’t exist yet, but right now I’m focused on improving the core game, and in this round of the Beta, single player particularly.

  1. A shortcut for finding an idle army same as in civ.
  2. A visual indicator in the standard unit display row that shows when a power is ready.

I’d like variable time length of turns in single player turns please. 6 hours is too long.

I’m going to keep updating this note rather than posting several as I think of things.


  • it would be nice to have different colors or some other more obvious indication of RACE for the cards.
  • it would be nice to be able to drag the cards to the base rather than click, click deploy, then click the place to drop them, then click confirm. A click, drag to city, then drop and maybe click confirm would be slick.
  • it would be nice to be able to shuffle between cards, using arrow keys perhaps, rather than clicking.

-move orders: I have to flee a city or die, I click on the city and have no idea which of the 10 units there have already been given move orders. I have to click and hope that it’s not one I already told to move.

  • whats the point of being archers if they can’t fire ranged attacks?


  • why do non magical things cost mana?
    ex: dwarf weapons being a mana drain is kinda lame, mining for gold being mana based is kinda lame. I like COOLDOWN / TIME based actions, but also being a mana drain is weaksauce…


  • the placement of everything, center center, make some things difficult to see.
  • It would be nice to be able to move UI, like the JUMP / next turn button to the top left or right … or bottom right. I see the UI option in the settings, but i’m looking for more specific movement, rather than the whole button layer.
  • moving units is iffy, I click a group, pop up in center of screen, i want to see who has moved so i’m scrolling down view but since the popup came up center center its blocking my view, so i have to move the screen to see the units that were hidden by pop up, so i can see the white lines to show who has and hasn’t moved. BUT when i move the screen the unit pop up goes away, so i have to click the units again to bring it up…


  • first game, skirmish… I assumed mana will slowly charge, but it doesn’t seem to… So now I’m running around panicked since none of my units can do anything (no long range abilities without mana… even archers are useless…) and I can’t raise a large enough army fast enough to protect any city before it falls.
  • I seem to be losing EVERY battle with no survivors, even when I believe i have the numbers advantage in the combat.
  • BLIGHT ? Can I unblight a place after retaking it?? I don’t seem to be able to… and I have no mana… just sitting on a unusable mana pool waiting to die :’(

Hey Ross, Its not very clear at the moment, but you can change the amount of time that each turn jumps. To jump less that 6 hours though you have to pay Valour. You earn valour by jumping more than 6 hours.

Yep, good call, I think I should do a card colour for each race.

Hey @Kavanavak, you should ping me when you update this, I totally didn’t see that you had added all this great feedback until! now.

I will make a note of it all in my todos! Some of it I need to think about how it might be done.

There is plans for a “first strike” kind of ability for the units with bows. The would do some damage to zombies before you get into the messy business of chopping them up with swords and axes.

If you mouse over units in the selection menu their path should be drawn in the map. Also, I tend not not have 10 units in a city, did you know about grouping them into an army?

Yep, dwarves using lots of mana is kind of lame since those are they guys that don’t use magic.

I can see I did a bad job of explaining where mana comes from! There are two ways to get mana, you claim a mana pool in the map (like any city), or you can exchange 10 valour for 20 mana in the Bazaar!

Unfortunately once a town is blighted its gone for good! The people are dead. Right now you don’t get fortifications in blighted castles, but that seems wrong. You should be able to go back in there and defend it.

I also think there could be some cool powers moving people out of one city that is under threat, and move them into a city that has been blighted which would restore it.

THanks again for the feedback!

I have been finding myself accidentally hitting next turn sometimes which totally ruins the game.

I added a turn backup that is made and a button you can use to restore it!

Also after todays release you will be able to use the “d” and “f” keys to find idle units, (and the “c” and “v” keys to just go to any unit)

Also, the w key will start move orders for the selected unit, and double clicking a hex will submit the move order.

If you hate clicks like me and @Camelorn you can press d key, w key and double click a hex to cycle through all your units giving them move orders.

One more thing, There is a little mana symbol next to a unist name now when their power is restored ready to use.