Blight Discord Link

Not really into real-time text and voice chat - but we can give it a go and see what it’s like

I’ve seen this app spoken about in a lot of places. What exactly is it? Basically a voice chat room for everyone of a specific community?

Voice and Text. I just discovered it today.

Yeah. It’s kind of like an IRC and Vent/Mumble mixed together. My PC gaming group uses it.

Since I’m running Discord anyway, I’ll join, but I may mostly be a lurker (with the occasional text message). That being said though, Eshal and I often chat in Discord about our Blight games on my gaming group’s Discord, so maybe we will do that here instead.

Dex and I were talking last night about how we have this nice Discord sever setup for us by Jay and it hardly gets any use, especially the voice channel.

That said, I’ll be in there a little later tonight (after 6PM eastern until about 9 or so) waiting for some other sole to stop in and say hi.

I am more than happy to chat (or at least at some point), but I think it would need to be semi coordinated as I personally dont want to sit on a voice channel for hours waiting to see if someone appears (also time zones makes it a nightmare, but anyway)

At home now… hanging out in the voice channel…


(I had to. I just can’t hold myself back.)

I joined the server tonight and was surprised to see it have a moderate group of people (4 of us). Nice.


Bumping this topic up so that people know it’s available, hopefuly we can get user generated games going more often using the server.

There is almost no activity in there but I still hangout there if anybody wants to chat any time :slight_smile:

I posted some lore stuff there earlier.
We could use some new blood there.

Discord has really taken off. Great place for folks to get into the game, clarify rules and mechanics, and find open spots for games. Come grow the community!

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