Blight feedback

Just played the tutorial on a Samsung S5.

Back button - pressed it to close the first pop up in the tutorial and it ended the game and dumped me back to the main menu. 50/50 whether or not I walked away at that point. Be a lot better if it worked like close (or did nothing on the map).

Hard to deselect armies. Clicking around didn’t seem to do it.

Having picked one army out of a stack, getting to a second one seemed tricky. Eventually found followers.

Move seemed to change half way through the tutorial - from single hop to a multi hop thing I had to hit save to get out of.

Would be better if the time jumps were animated - give more a sense of planning and then executing moves. As it is enemy forces just seem to jump around - the game is a story and the jumps are narrative breaks.

Hey @Mykael Thanks very much for the feedback!

I’ll have a look at those issues right away!

I must admit I have never even looked at the tutorial on a phone. What made you test the game out on your Samsung? Where did you hear about the game?

One of my big projects for early next year is to make the game playable off-line so we will be able to animate each unit and combat as they occur. Right now the server is only setup to report a single turn jump!

Think I played one of your games a while ago on my phone. Either way facebook (which I do on my phpne) keeps popping up news from Iron Helmet every month or two. Blight looked interesting now it was in open beta so I just followed the link through…

Ran pretty well, certainly no major issues - just the things I reported.