Blight: new MP maps for 2-4 Players!


Hi everyone! We’ve reworked some of the larger SP maps to work as MP maps, so here are 6 new maps to try out in MP!

I will do some more maps like these soon, as well as some new and larger maps! Let me know how you go!

4P: Round Robin Woods (Goblins, Trolls)

4P: Keepers of the Marsh (Trolls)

3P: Redwind Plateau (Orcs, Goblins, Trolls)

3P: Giants Playground (Humans, Orcs, Goblins)

2P: Twin Peaks (Dwarves)

2P: Tranquil Waters (Elves)


Fired up a game on Redwind Plateau [Hard]. Let’s give it a whirl!

Password: test


We’re almost done with Redwind Plateau on Hard. I gotta say, this is a little map with a lot of nastiness in it! Unique, too, with some features not often seen (asymmetric mana pool distribution, limited monsters, and towns outside of their usual terrain). Seems like it could well be totally unwinnable on Nightmare. Very well done! I love it.


Thanks for testing it out! I’m sure you can beat it on Nightmare!