Blight of the Immortals - Unofficial Soundtrack



Reminds me of this… :wink:


That looks like an awesome album.


Speaking of Soundtrack, is the game sounds going to change sometime in the future? It’s not important so it can be done a long time away, but the sounds don’t seem to fit the game I think. The electronic beeps and sounds suit Triton much better. I was think some kind of drum sound would be better.


Are there still Triton sounds playing? Shazbot!

I havn’t looked at sound at all yet.


Yeah it’s the Triton sounds except the zooming to a star sound from Triton isn’t present in Blight I think. But there’s much more important stuff to deal with before sound I think.

Also speaking of Unofficial Soundtrack, I think this song is fitting as well. Just be careful because it’s NSFW, a bit of naughty language.


That dude has an awesome beard!