Blight on Android Beta

If anyone is keen to try out Blight on Android, there is an open Beta version available. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

If anyone is interested to try it out on iOS, let us know.



The mutiplay is unplayable,kind like fram drop less then 10 or render problem. But singleplay is good, just like play by browser.

Thanks @SunKist! Can you tell us what device you’re using?

Could you try rotating the device while the map is open and see if that makes a difference?

Device: Sony xperia z5 premium
After testing what u suggest,

First Oasis new begging match,both very smooth on vertical and horizon screen.

Late game match, guardien, very lag(frame drop after loading and render problem)on vertical , rotating to horizon is a little bit smoother, but stay awhile in this match, it running playable no matter on V or H screen.

Thanks @SunKist. We are having some performance issues on Android. Hopefully we will be able to fix them soon.

I’ve updated the Android version to use Crosswalk, which should give generally better performance and more reliable behaviour on devices with older operating systems.

We are still experiencing the lag issue on larger maps, which seems to be fixed if you rotate the device after opening the map. Hopefully we can find the cause of this soon. It is only happening on Android.

The Android performance issues should be fixed now! We managed to find an obscure Chrome bug that we’ve had to work around.

There is also a new version available to download on Google Play today.