Blight OpenID 2 Google login


I just noticed the warning this morning on Triton about the removal of social logins. I checked Blight as well to see if I needed to do anything, but it appears I can’t reset my password. Is there anything planned for the removal of Google login for Blight?


The old Blight and Neptune’s Pride use a different kind of method called Google Apps Accounts. Its not clear if there are going to be issues with these logins yet. They haven’t said anything so I assume all will be ok.

On the other hand, both old apps use a database that is deprecated. I don’t think Google has set a date for when it will stop working, but they will not be around forever.

Luckily the new Blight is only a few months away and it will be much better :wink:


Yeah I saw this too, I’ve started logging in with my dedicated IHG login in case it causes an issue in the future.


Good deal! I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to run into anything with Blight. I’m definitely looking forward to the new Blight release. Thanks for the quick responses.