Blight unofficial guide -WIP


I wanted to do this for a while, but never had the time. The idea is to have a place with all relevant information about the game factions, strategies and maps. Yes, maps too, they seem kind of forgotten but they are important and to win in some of them you need to play in a very specific way.

This is a work in progress, I am posting it here to collect feedback and suggestions. If anyone wants to contribute, the project source code is here


Seems like an important project.
If anyone has time, here you go.


I’m very glad to see someone finally hosting a guide like this!! Expect to see some contributions over the holidays.


:smiley: I hope so. I am still trying to figure out how to write guides about the maps. I would like to use some sort of minimap to show starting positions, zombies spawns and pools.


Indeed. I wonder if @IHG-BlightedPea or @JayKyburz has a set of full-size renditions of the maps that we could use for this.