Blighted Dragon Death Effects

Does the Blighted Dragons 500 point death burst attack also impact Zeds or only Living?

Grassy ass,

They hit Zombies as well.

Blowing up a blighted dragon in the middle of a cluster of zombie stacks can be quite hilarious.

Not quite so hilarious when they blow up my $1000 dragons as well, though…


Yeah zombie dragons are as scary as one might expect.

Note that ranged attacks are not subject to the combat squared rule, so if you can get a ranged unit with 2+ league range, you can sometimes minimize the collateral damage.

I think that just killing 1 means that the 500 str attack could theoretically take out more dragons in the stack… so cross your fingers and pray? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Chainreacting exploding dragons? I would pay to see that!