Blighted Thrones


I’ve started working on a fun little project for myself - making a Game of Thrones inspired Blight map!

Let me know if you have any good ideas! We’re considering whether it will work with all the zombies coming down from the north. I think it will probably be a 4 player map.

Dorne = Orcs
Iron Islands = Trolls
Dwarves & Humans for most of the major houses
Elves in the forests around the main houses
Wildlings = Goblins??
Dragons to the East


Sounds fun :grin: This kind of thing is what I’m really looking forward to if a map editor of some kind gets released eventually.

If all the zombies come from one direction, I think the main thing is to be very sparing with the available compulsion on the map. Four players with quick access to Human/Elf towns could make walling off the north pretty trivial.


Lannisters = Goblins, gold generation and inbreeding :stuck_out_tongue:
Highgarden = elves, what else would the queen of thorns and the knight of flowers be
Baratheon = human, knight, tourneys and nobles from the storm lands
Starks = Dwarves, they remember and hold grudges
Dorne = Orcs who else from the deserts
Iron Island = Trolls, they can raid with ease

The Vale would have gryphon nest and the river lands a hydra nest (with a swamp/river heading north with the twins bridge as only crossing)

For the foes you would have a necromancer raising the dead in the north.
You could start with the gryphons and hydra as zombies, that would only leave Dorne safe, so throw in some blighted dragons from the east.


Since Blight of the Immortals is a co-op game you cant have the same infighting like Game of thrones has like the War of the Five Kings.
What Aran suggests is the best idea house/race wise and having Blighted dragons from the East does make the most sense. A Song of Ice and Fire…well it makes sense we got ice zombies and fire zombies that way :smiley:


I can see some infighting via grey joy marsh wardens :wink:

I would also put some giant barrows north of the wall to get blighted. and a alot of undefended human and elf dwellings.


I really need to read these books/watch that show ey? Seems popular…


Read the first book, then try the TV series , its good :slight_smile:


Oh forgot to mention :sunglasses:
In case you can’t make it out my avatar is me on the iron throne.
So you could say I’m a bit of a fan