Blight's Newbie FAQ


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Updated with some detail on difficulties.

Can you all look this over and see if things look right and suggest areas that might be useful to detail?


I noticed a couple of grammar things (an extra parenthesis here, capitalization there, missing apostrophe elsewhere), but it is time consuming to point them out for you to fix. It would be nice if I could modify it myself.

Your definition of griefing may be a little understated. Making something more difficult for someone else alone is sometimes required or for the greater good and not griefing. Griefing has more of a malicousness to it and generally doesn’t benefit anyone except for the griefer’s entertainment.

The only thing I see that I think actually needs modifying though, is the question regarding circles and settlements. I think you should clarify that the question is referring to the blue circles on the bottom right corner of the settlement. Further, that makes me realize that I have been asked a couple of times what the gear-like circle around a settlement is and what the different sizes and darkness of that means. So:

What is that gear-like circle encompassing a settlement?
That represents the fortifications of the town. The bigger and darker the circle is, the stronger the fortifications. Fortifications range from +0 (no gear-like circle) to +10 (a highly fortified +6 town with an added +4 fortification ability having been used on it) (the big, dark gear-like circle). Fortifications are strength bonuses applied to every Hero and every unit in an Army. This can give a significant boost to strength if there are a lot of units in the town, enough to hold off strong armies or drastically reduce casualties.


Feel free to do a copy/paste thing of the offending sections if thats acceptable… I can go through and pick them out. Sometimes I get myopic with writing like this since I see it 10x and my brain starts to fill in holes.

On griefing – I left it a bit nuanced, since IME, griefing has come to encompass accidental or unintentional actions that make another players’ game more difficult. Let me go back and look at it and see if it needs to be stronger.

and the Gear circle thing is an awesome addition. Thanks much, Dex.


I linked to this thread from the game’s help:

Keep up the good work! :smile:


I’m curious - is there a supplementary faq for non beginners where you/ someone else can/ will put more advance stuff or a infrequently asked questions - I’m thinking of digging around to try to understand the game mechanics to a greater degree and would like somewhere to post them, should I create a different topic as a lot of the information is probably going to be too much for a newbie (assuming I find out interesting stuff anyway)


I wasnt planning on it yet – I figured forum threads were as good a place as any to discuss the tactics and deep analysis of how the game works. I could start collecting the more advanced stuff if people would find that helpful…


Eventually I would like our internal help provide all the details you would ever want. Problem is there is still a lot in flux at the moment.

Internal game mechanics/design/bugs tracking

Is the 5% step system & the way you can merge army’s between 2 hexes and permanently stop between them worth mentioning? Or is that too far past the beginner level?


What’s the mechanic for AFK detection? Is there any indication in-game that a player has been officially recognized as AFK and their position is available for replacement? (ie. when do I go to the forum to post an Open Position notice?)

Sorry if this has been asked elsewhere. I do think it’s pertinent info for a “Newbie FAQ” though, since those are typically the games with higher AFK rates!


When a player has been AFK for 48 hours, they will drop from the game. Their player position (on the player screen) will show “Open Player Position” and the social media popup will appear mid-left to encourage you to share the game on social media to get another player to join. I think there is a statement in the event logs as well.


there is a statement in the event log, the biggest give away is the social media popup - its very obvious


is now out of date - I think i’m right in saying they spawn every 3-6 hours, presumably at a lower %


Yeah – I know @IHG-BlightedPea and @JayKyburz are swamped right now, so I’ll hit them up a bit later for an update.


Is it worth just marking it out of date, imo wrong information is worse than no information


I went through the changelog and used what I could find there. Its still a bit vague/general, but I dont think the current wording is inaccurate and should give a new player a better idea what to expect.

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I pinned this topic and made it a wikil. I think that means anybody can help keep it up to date.


Nice. Thanks. I have already taken advantage of it and added a new question and answer to the “General” section (the one on winning a battle but having no survivors).