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Is there a set time between Zombie spawns? They always seem to appear just as I’m about to arrive!

(Also we are looking for a player to join a six player Watering Hole, Hard Game, can you PM me if interested).


I’m not a mod, but I’m playing one for this post. This would be the wrong thread to advertise a game in. Please use a more appropriate thread for that. Also, the first FAQ in the “enemy” section already answers your question.


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Can someone detail to me the new combat algorithm? I’d like to put some details in the FAQ, but I havent paid close attention so I need some insights into 1) the math and b) the design goal.


Melee combat

  • Melee combat works as follows, with Strength a > Strength b:
  • The weaker side (Strength b) is entirely destroyed.
  • Each unit on the victorious side has a chance to die, equal to b² / a²

Melee Example 1: Close Battle

Mortals with Strength 1000 vs Zombies with Strength 1100
a = 1100
b = 1000

a² = 1210000
b² = 1000000
b² / a² = 0.826

Zombies Win.
Each Zombie has an 83% chance of destruction.

Melee Example 2: Overwhelming Advantage

Mortals with Strength 1000 vs Zombies with Strength 100
a = 1000
b = 100

a² = 1000000
b² = 10000
b² / a² = 0.01

Mortals Win.
Each Mortal has a 1% chance of being killed.

Ranged Attacks

Ranged Attacks work a bit differently. There’s never any danger to the attacker (Strength a). If the attack is stronger than the defender, the defender is killed outright. If the attack is weaker than the defense (a < b), each defender has a chance to die, equal to a / b. The math works out so that on average, you can assume the attack will kill about a Strength worth of defenders.

Ranged Example 1: Wipe Them Out

Ranged attack with Strength 200 vs Zombies with Strength 100
a = 200
b = 100

a > b

Zombies are completely destroyed.

Ranged Example 2: Whittling Down the Enemy

Ranged attack with Strength 100 vs 125 Zombie Goblins (total Strength 1000)
a = 100
b = 1000

a < b
a / b = 0.1

Each Zombie has a 10% chance of being destroyed. On average, 125 x 0.1 = 12-13 Zombie Goblins die (stack reduced in Strength by 96-104 on average).

Ranged Example 3: Hail Mary

Ranged attack with Strength 200 vs 1 Zombie Dragon (total Strength 1000)
a = 200
b = 1000

a < b
a / b = 0.2

Each Zombie has a 20% chance of being destroyed. On average, 1 x 0.2 = zero Dragons die. But maybe you’ll get lucky and beat the odds!

Design Goals

The primary design goals for the change were (as I understand them):

  • To make it so that decisive victories actually confer an advantage. In the old system, it didn’t matter if you just barely scraped out a victory or won with fifty-to-one odds; you’d still lose the same number of units on average. The new system reflects the fact that lopsided battles should result in fewer casualties for the victory than very close ones.
  • To create a compelling reason to actually include high-value units like Dragons in a winning army, because increasing your margin of victory increases each unit’s overall chance of survival. In the old system, there was a meaningful advantage to be had if you were able to log in and stop your important units just shy of a battle so they wouldn’t die to a bad saving throw. Consider a 5,000-Strength army with a Dragon in it, going up against a 1,000-Strength zombie group. In the old system, the Dragon would have a 20% chance of dying to this minimal threat, so it was wise to avoid sending it into this combat at all. Now, leaving the Dragon in the army decreases each of your units’ chances of death from ~6% to 4%, so it’s more likely to be worth the risk overall.

Does strength attack hits all individuals in a unit?

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Go right ahead! Though I think I was more verbose in the design-goals section than is maybe appropriate for a Newbie FAQ, haha.


can you do a ranged combat example as well – to put things in perspective?


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I’m working on a video as well; probably done this weekend sometime.


Okay – time for an update.

Here is what I think needs to be addressed – please let me know if I miss anything:

  1. New deployment rules. 6 hour cooldown after a card is played. Note the role of banners.

  2. Maybe a bit of a meta discussion on how to use Blind Justice and High Elf to max effect (Hint: work with the other players)

  3. Zombie Slayer awarded to damage, not just headcount

  4. Nightmare games only for level 2



I don’t think High Elf optimization is necessarily a Newbie FAQ topic. Probably something to be addressed in an Elf Guide.


I was thinking it might be a good hook to talk a bit about sharing resources, Ive seen a couple questiong on the forum about how to use them.


Do you want Penny or I to make the changes Praetorian?


I made a few – check my work, though.



Okay, so what needs to be updated?

Is the Trello board still at the link we posted?


Sorry @Praetorian I made the Trello board Private for a while now that we have opened the game up to Early Access on Steam. I had heard that the elements of steam crowd can be easily upset and I didn’t want folks trawling through the board and assuming things we say in there are promises about what features we are working on, or in what order.

I thought it might be wise to just control the message a little better for a while.