Boo-Boo in game setup


So I signed up for this 6-user game which someone setup as 16 Stars/Player, Close Home Stars, and 10 stars/player to start. Except only one player got 10 stars, four got 9, and I only got 8.
WAHHHHH! :wink:

Plus with 50 starting ships/star, I’m already behind in ship count.
Double WAHHHH!! :wink:

Seriously, unfairness happens in NP. Posting to flag to Jay in case he wants to adjust his galaxy formation algorithms and also as a reminder to folks that sh*t happens in NP.


I would think @hulk could over come such odds.


i’ve had worse, just gotta hustle baby


I’m going to start working on the galaxy editor next week.


That means suck it up, Hulk :angry:


As I said, “stuff happens” in NP - no sweat and just part of the game.

Triple WAHHHHH is this game has Experimentation starting at Level 16 … so that has a huge effect on tech … and while most players advanced 3 levels in the first turn (it’s also 24-tick jumps), the Dice Gods gave me … some more Exp! :frowning:

Again, was just flagging to Jay as an example of possible improvement in his galaxy formation algorithms. Bonus points if he can add mirror’ed maps - those are really essential for 1v1 games.


Wellllll … as suggested above, the Jolly Green Giant did “suck it up” and did the “hustle baby” … plus added some “HULK SMASH!”… and after 12 cycles (it was a 24-hour jump with small/close galaxy), I was fortunately able to “overcome the odds.”

Beginning/Ending screenshot below. I got lucky in a couple of areas - most notably Yellow’s starting position was overwhelmingly strong … so he became a natural target … and with starting Experimentation of level 16, sharing tech helped a lot. It was an enjoyable game with a nice group of players.


Way to go Hulk! Nice work.


when life gives you lemons, make orange juice and show that bitch who’s boss