Bouncer effect

Am I alone in finding the ability to capture settlements on bounced damage when you attack a ship a little over the top?

A ship which isn’t even next to the settlement can suddenly become in control of it while battling another pirates ship. It just seems a little crazy to be able to defend against.

I haven’t tested but if i attack pirate A’s ship but next to it is pirate B’s settlement can it attack the other pirates settlement?

The bouncer effect is always random, just like the attack order.
Anyway if I understand the question, the settlement that is the second target of a bouncer never attacks back.


My question was not attack back but if Pirate C attacks Pirate A’s ship can the damage bounce to Pirate B’s settlement?

And more generally it seems a little overpowered.

Ah yes, of course. Multiple targets can belong to multiple players.
Well if we have to talk about overpowered buccaneers, the best one is without any doubt the Grappler!

I love the bouncer but one thing I don’t like is how it will ‘bounce’ attack a different player to the one I attacked in the first place.

I would prefer it (and I think it would make more sense) if it ‘bounce’ attacked the same player you attacked in the first place if that player has a ship or settlement next to it.

It’s supposed to be random. I kinda like that aspect. In the midst of battle, sometimes you hit targets you didn’t necessarily intend to.

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I also love the bouncer, it adds a lot to the game, but I generally think that it might be slightly op when you can combine them with other buccaneers effects, such as grappler, chipper or slaver. Any of these are perfectly fine by themselves, but when combined, I think its a combination that can be extremely difficult to play against. I think it would be a lot better to just have the damage bounced, but the effects only trigger on the first target.

@IHG-BlightedPea / @JayKyburz - Is that true & intended? If you have both a bouncer and a grappler, that the bounced target also gets grappled?

I personally don’t think that’s OP. I think it’s an intriguing combination. I don’t actually use the bouncer at all - I find it weak compared to a number of other Buccaneers. I would much rather have a Slaver, Dredger, Grappler, Chipper before a bouncer. So, if this combination produces extra benefits, I’m all for it.

It makes defending settlements almost impossible when the high attack value ships appear.
That’s my issue.

I think that’s a valid in-game concern. I would say that perhaps your settlement should have more armor (I wouldn’t go crazy on this, but 3-4 isn’t unreasonable). I also beef up the health of my settlements that might come under attack - that’s usually easier as metal is usually needed elsewhere.