#BRINGBACK64! (64 Game Resurrection Petition)

This is a good point.
Honestly it’s either “yes, bring them back” or “meh, I don’t play them, I’ll just ignore them”.
I doubt anyone besides Jay (who’s wallet is the biggest victim here) would have a decent argument for not bringing them back.

Hey there @Smulm.

I’ve been absent from the game for 2y.

But remember have played one of those and was epic (at least the few cycles I’ve survived were enjoyable :joy:).

I don’t know if could have time these days to play a game which is not turn based.

But add my name to the list of old Triton rebels.

Just played and won my first game in several months. It was a 32 player. In my opinion the game was way too easy. Once I got a small lead at the start (40 stars vs 32 stars) there was nothing to be done to stop me, short of my ally betraying me. The circular map made it impossible for other players to coordinate against me and I took them out one by one. By the time I reached 100 of the 320 stars needed for victory the game was essentially over. In the old 64 players I remember victory was never a sure thing until the end of the game, there were several strong players across the map. Made things much more exciting honestly.

Just my thoughts, it’s possible that my game wasn’t normal and most of the 32 player games are more competitive. Would love to have a 64 player game every now and then, even if it isn’t a regular thing!

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The circular map is really a simpler two neighbors map.

IMO the circular two neighbors 8 player map should be the New Player’s game.

@TheLastHero , counting your vote.

Hope I’m not late. YES please!!!

I remember my first 64, it was so different from anything else I’ve tried before. Became addicted instantly, and ever since it kept surprising me, because no matter how experienced you were, the moment you felt you’ve got it under control, at next tick there was a surprise waiting… 64 players create complexity, 64 different minds, like really random generators - with outcome you can’t predict. You could only use your intuition, to get what was more or less likely to happen.
32 game at it’s best has just half of that power.
So of course, bring 64 back… and maybe think about creating 128 :slight_smile:

TheLastHero brought up a good point about it essentially being a 2 neighbor map. At most you’ll have about 4. With the 64 player clover map I felt a little more paranoid. Even though I never fully trust my allies, it’s a lot easier to trust 3 people than 6.

I really liked the 64 player, and felt a great sense of accomplishment from wins, but if we must keep the 32 I think it needs a little more danger.

128p! A splendid idea… 32p is like levelling the top of Everest so that it’s hall height and pretending that climbing mini-Everest is the same thing.

I like 32 player games but I also miss 64 player games

It would be nice to have both. Consider me as a signature!

Are you the creator of this game?

Or keeper of the code?

Perhaps you might be the master of the server that runs Neptune’s Pride?

I am all of those things.

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I liked 64P games too :slight_smile:
I vote for that as well - Proteus could be a good idea too!

<3 Tr0n

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Hey – hope things are going well for you.

Just had an idea today… would it be possible to set up a patreon or other donation platform to front the cost of 64 player games? I’m sure many of us wouldn’t mind dropping a few bucks a month to have these back. I have no idea what the player levels are right now, but dropping the link in the join game page where 64s used to be would probably generate some traffic.

If it was Proteus with a few tweaks around the spying rules, would that still be fun?

How fast are the 32 player games filling up these days. I haven’t been paying attention.

I haven’t played a Proteus game in quite a while I’d need to brush up on the rules. I’ll hop in the next game. The scaling carrier price might be a pain, but I was never a fan of that one lol. Otherwise I think it’d be ok.

I’m watching the current one fill up, will update.

Wormholes are something to consider. Might get way too hectic.

Still like many weary players want the old 64p game back. Although I am beginning to despair of ever playing another. I’m permanently ill and at 68 years old unlikely to live that much longer so it seems likely that the lost master game will return in time for me.

And it’s the RTS, NP2, 64p I want back. Accept no substitutes!

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If you could replicate the Trident rules in the Proteus interface I think I would be fine with that (if that will solve the resource load issue). You could even make it easy to turn on and off Proteus features in the create game interface. I, like @Chumbles, just still very much like the Trident rules and want a way to keep playing them.



I am playing in the LESSER galaxies of the INFERIOR new races. We are not impressed by a mere 31 other enemies. Disgraceful and small. Wars for multi-galactic conquest were of a greater and more serious scale in the Elder Days!