#BRINGBACK64! (64 Game Resurrection Petition)

That’s 1 vote.


That’s 2.

I would love to see 64 back.
Yes please.

Yes, please. Thats 4. I got you Smulm, we better win this game though.

YES!! I want the 64 back! That’s 5, 95 to go.

HOUSEBOAT say “Yes pls”!

64 must return !!!

Let me ship Void Bastards first, then I will have a few weeks to work on NP and will see if I can work it out then


Don’t listen to him! He created a space strategy game based on deception! He lies! Lies! I still recall word about implementing the old Triton avatars. Still waiting on them, too.

Do not relent, fellow Overlords!

Void Bastards? What is that?

Void Bastards is your new favourite game! Wish-list on Steam Now!

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Interesting. But I still prefer to lead countless legions through galaxies. 64 player galaxies, to be precise. :relieved:

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Hey, If we did bring back the 64 player games, how would you feel if they were Proteus instead of NP?

I might also need to move the AI off the server and into the browser.

I have been thinking about getting some students at the local university help me out with some NP work. They will even get course credit for it!

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Is it possible for gamers to hack the AI ? Is it preventable ? Maybe using asm.js or something ?

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I would like to have seen Three neighbors map 64E in NP2 Triton normal space.

How would you add random NP3 Proteus wormholes on a fair map like that ? Would the map become unfair ?

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Jay, please do not post ideas for NP Proteus on this thread, please. The topic is for NP2 64s. I do not play Proteus at all and never intend to. Frankly, it is nothing more than a variant of NP, and not at all as good or balanced as NP2.

I don’t mind if it’s proteus or not, I just want 64p games!

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What’s less balanced about Proteus? Whats not as good?

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Don’t listen to him.
He just said he never plays it and never intends to.
Proteus is definitely better balanced and way more fun.
64 player games were great, a proteus 64 player game would be better.

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I don’t play it because I hate it. It’s trolls like you that make me hate posting on social media.

So tell us why you hate it, Jay is obviously willing and wanting to improve the game.
You call me a troll but you’re the one posting “sucks” then bailing, returning, and still not offering anything constructive.
I’m not trolling, I was pointing out how you’re basically the troll.
If you don’t like it, tell us why, if something is indeed wrong with it, and you speak up, it can be improved, otherwise those of us that do enjoy it will continue to not see it because we are already enjoying it.
Help make it better, no point criticizing something without offering a reason, that’s the way of the troll.
You say you hate it. Why?
Even if it’s just not your type of game, offering some sort of explanation is better than “game sucks bye”


I damn well hate it too, you Proteus lovers - get your own damned thread, Murasaki. The game I want to play is Neptunes Pride 2 64p. and I have sunk a small fortune into playing NP2 as Jay well knows. Rather than play Protearse I’ll go to playing Diplomacy, AoW3 and Civ IV FfH 1 full time.