Browser Extension: Stoned Ape Tools

My buddy @Lorentz has been working on an upgrade to the Neptune’s Pride Agent Chrome extension created by @Osric. It’s called Stoned Ape Tools.

Important Note: Please remove Neptune’s Pride Agent if you plan on using Stoned Ape Tools. Running both concurrently seems to cause some bugs for some users.


Features originally from Neptune’s Pride Agent:

  • Battle Calculator:
    When you select a carrier, if the carrier is headed for an enemy star, displays a battle calculator. Accounts for you and your opponent’s current weapons tech, manufacturing tech, and industry.
  • Scanning Range Timer:
    Displays scanning range time in green when you select an enemy star if that enemy cannot yet see your carrier, and in grey if that enemy can already see your carrier.
  • Carrier Linking in Chat:
    [[Carrier Name]] text in messages now links to the fleet, so that when the message recipient clicks on the fleet you’re referring to their map view is navigated to show it, the same way that [[Star Name]] or [[Player Number]] works in the base game.
  • API Sharing:
    When you type [[api:APIKEY]] into a message it will convert it into a button that allows you (or other users of this extension in your message) to either see their scans or merge both scans.
  • Hotkeys:
    Check out @Osric’s original post to learn more.

New features only available on Stoned Ape Tools:

  • Ledger (hotkey ‘m’):
    Adds a row to the menu titled ‘Ledger’. When clicked tabulates then displays a ledger of debt owed between you and anyone you’ve traded tech or cash with so far in the game. Accurately shows you who you owe money to, who owes you money, and how much money is owed. If you owe someone else money, displays a button to repay the debt owed.
  • Quick Tech Trading:
    Adds 2 buttons to other players’ Empire pages:
    • ‘Share All Tech’ button allows you to share all the tech you have that another player does not in one easy click.
    • ‘Pay for All Tech’ button allows you to send the cash required for another player to send you all the tech they have that you don’t in one easy click (and without having to do any math!).
  • Research ETA Chat Button:
    Adds a button to chat between ‘Back’ and ‘Send’ titled ‘Research’. When clicked pastes your current research tech and your next research tech into the chat input box. Example:

    Now: Experimentation 2 - 5 ticks.
    Next: Weapons 2 - 24 ticks.

Future features (not guaranteed):

  • Forgive debt button for ledger to allow you to forgive debt owed to you.
  • Ignore debt button for ledger to allow you to ignore debt you owe.
  • Automatic API merging on refresh for any previously shared API.
  • Tracking of enemy carriers who have entered, then exited, your scanning range.
  • The option to see how expensive it will be to build the science needed to research something in a given time.
  • When the extension recognizes the format of its own research update text, provide a live update for that research.
  • Mark AI with a reminder of every fourth tick after they became AI (ie the only ticks when AI make moves).
  • Automatically create a timelapse, probably by integrating this tool by @olus2000.
  • Improvement to bulk tech upgrading.
  • Firefox. This one is unlikely to happen, unfortunately. Maybe if someone else wanted to take up the task… :wink:
  • Your suggestions!

Check it out and let me know if you have any suggestions or if you find any bugs. @Lorentz is just one person developing this by themself, so while we appreciate all suggestions, please keep your expectations within reason. If anyone out there wants to collaborate don’t hesitate to reach out.


A Stoned Ape

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I am open to any additions to the plugin that would make the gameplay better. Key ideas are things that help coordinate in alliances. I am working on a share all technology feature and quick payments of certain technologies.

There is auto a way to store and save API keys for those most trusted allies.

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The only two bugs I could find are the same ones affecting the original plugin, and I only see them in turn-based games

The Submit/Submitted button overlaping the star name and the “Tick < 10s away!” always showing up


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Thanks Fifo. I don’t usually play turn-based games so I’d have never seen these!


I fixed the submit button in 2.10 should be out in a week.

Ill look into the tick < 10s away! thing.

Another “bug” report for Turn-based games: When clicking on a carrier it displays time of arrival based on current time. In turn based games this should probably just display the remaining ticks until carrier lands.

But this is not that pressing, just wanted to let you know.

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Is the code public on GitHub or something?
Might take a look and if I feel able, would be happy to contribute.

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