[Bug] Can't bring up Hamlet details (upgrade/build screen)

Hi guys, playing a game of BBB right now and I’m unable to enter the details screen on the last hamlet I built. Every other settlement works fine but when I select this one in particular I don’t get the status bar below my resources.

I will note I can enter it from the settlement list by swiping over and selecting the eye but thought I’d mention it in case you want to look into it more.

Cheers and thanks for the games!


Hey stmack, Can you send me the game number (un the url or the game options screen.)
And let me know the name of the town.


Hi Jay, its 5303241470377984 and the town is Beggar’s Bluff, thanks!

thanks for the heads up. I found this bug and will check the fix in later today.

(the problem is that it’s build on hex number 0 and we have some checks if the hex is greater than 0, but needs to be greater or equal to 0)