Bug/feature request? Trading future resources


From the help: “Trades between players are fulfilled at the start of your next turn.”

I’m in a game and trying to set up a recurring trade with another player. It’s the end of a turn (1 player left) and neither of us have the resources to fulfill the trade in the current turn, but we will have them in the next turn.

Do you have to actually have the resources in the current turn to trade them at the beginning of the next? Does “start of next turn” mean before resources are gathered?

The UI isn’t doing much do explain what’s going on, so at least this could be clarified. It feels like I should be able to trade resources I’m about to gather (and then if I can’t for some reason, like if a settlement is captured, the trade just wouldn’t go through). I think you can already set up a recurring trade and if you can’t fulfill it on a future turn the trade stops/is cancelled, right?


I see from trying that I can set up a trade with resources I have now, and my trading partner will get it next turn.

That seems weird to me, since it removes whatever you’re trading from the game for 1 turn (unless you cancel the trade).

I think I might like the idea or trades taking effect next turn instead of immediately, maybe it discourages dumping stuff to an ally when you’re losing.

It seems like either:

  • Trades should happen in the current turn, with your current resources, or
  • Trades should happen next turn, but after resources are gathered

The current system guarantees the availability of the resource you’re trading for the first trade, but since recurring trades must necessarily break down if you don’t have enough to trade at some future point, it seems like the second suggestion above should be doable and hopefully more understandable to players.