[Bug] Immortals Not Moving after Strange Siren

On the map Celestial Pools after using Strange Siren a group of immortals who were at a waypoint are now stuck at that waypoint and haven’t moved for hours. You can see the symptom because their status is Not Moving, but Strange Siren (“must move towards caster”) is also in effect. They are not under any other effects like Chaos Web.

Location 164

I saw this same problem in an earlier instance of Celestial Pools with a group of Immortal Hydra at Location 166. That was (not) resolved by sending units there to attack. Now seeing this problem the second time on the map instance above I wanted to report it.

Thanks @TheHegemon. There are still some issues with zombies having conflicting move orders when they get affected by movement compulsions. This bug is our top priority when we get a chance to spend some time on Blight bug fixing!