[Bug] Opponent's Ship with Sneaker Visible


Hi there, noticed the other day that I could see a ship two tiles away that had Sneaker on it. Didn’t get a screenshot at the time but here it’s happening again. Can see the Beer Mug’s ship with Sneaker from the Duck ship somehow. Is Sneaker not working properly?


This might have started happening when we increased the settlement vision to 2 hexes. I’ll check they are checking for Sneakers.


Based on OP’s image, is that Sneaker even within sight range of the Duck’s settlement?

It seems that it could be that the Jellyfish is revealing the Beer Mug’s Sneaker to everyone else.


I’ve been noticing this too in my games. There was a ship that was several hexes away that I could see, even though he had a Sneaker.


The other thing that might come into play here is that (largely for the sake of the animations) your visibility includes what you could see last turn and what you can see this turn.

It takes a turn for something to become out of sight, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see the animations play out properly of what happened at the turn end.


OK, there was definitely a bug in this! Thanks for pointing it out. There was also an issue with settlements seeing them too. So both bugs will be fixed in the next release!