Bug or a feature?

I got attacked by 2 carriers at the same tick from 2 different players. One player had attack 1 with about 60 ships, the other had attack 2 with just a single ship on the carrier. According to the calculation I should have won. Fast forward, the carriers hit and the game calculates both attacks as one and gives both same tech, big loss for me and I lose the star.

Are carriers that lands on the same tick suppose to get the weapons tech from the strongest player?

Yes, they attack together with the max weapons strength. Neptune’s Pride Agent calculates this correctly, when you say “according to the calculation” what calculation do you mean? Did you calculate it by hand perhaps?

NPA agent said it was a win, the ship with lower weapons tech did leave first though. Just feel a bit cheated by the game code.

If NPA got this wrong I’d love to debug it. If you’re willing to PM me or reach out on discord we can hopefully get the game state back from time machine and check if there is a bug in NPA.