Bug - Orc Chariot flavor text has placeholder text present

I purchased a new card in the tavern. One of my choices was the orc card “Wolf Chariots”. This card does not have game text present (it appears to be a placeholder string). Picture of how it appears attached.

Here is what Jay Kyburz talked about other similar cards in a different thread.

I think Iron Helmet has some ideas for them but they are also up for suggestions for the cards with placeholder text if you had any.

There are a few cards still missing powers and this is one of them. They’ll all be filled out with powers soon. Let us know if you have any ideas :smile:

Suggestion - I compare this uncommon orc card to the common elven card “Woodland Assassins”…which this comparison in mind I’d suggest increasing the speed to 3-hours per league by Road (a bit slower than the elves) and increasing the strength to 400 (8x50) (a bit stronger on their own). Since the “Woodland Assassins” card cost 300 to play I’d also suggestion increasing the play cost of this card to 250 G.

Flavor text: With snarling howls of terror they brought forth a rumble of thunder and a rain of fire.

I’m hoping that they will be shooting flaming arrows in an area of effect, but I don’t think that Jay is sold on that idea.

@SixFeetOfMeat your idea is similar to the current Orc Wolfriders, which I use a lot when playing the Orcs. I like the flavor text :smile:

I think with that artwork we’ll have to have some kind of flaming attack.

What about this. Normally you have to win a combat before burning bodies you might be standing on, but these guys could burn bodies whether they win or lose the combat.

Because the above is a passive ability we could also give them some kind of weak ranged attack as well. Perhaps targeting graves/

So if you have this guy in your army and lose a battle against the Blight, there will be no corpses left behind? Will it count for just the army or will it count for the village population as well if you’re on a village?

Also a fast moving grave targetting would be amazing for Orcs. Right now he has the same move speed as the Shaman Priestess but if this hero had a weaker burn (Maybe each body has 50%-70% chance to burn?) and faster move speed, it would prove very useful in Orc deck building.