[Bug?] Overly generous AI trading


I was playing a solo skirmish (game 6687773570367488), and on turn 4 a bunch of AI gave me a lot of resources completely unprompted. It was very generous of them, but probably not very wise.


It is unusual that they all gave you the resources. They won’t do it again though unless you reciprocate.


Are there formulas we can see for the reciprocation of trading resources with AIs?


This is the issue I had when players have missed a turn, AI takes over and give tons of resources away.

Not ideal!


Geez, who are all these people getting overly generous AI trading? I’m lucky to get 1 here or there from AI!


The AI won’t take over for the first turn that a player goes AFK, so hopefully this will help. I’ve also turned down how much they will give out.

In terms of a formula, the AI just expects you to reciprocate. When it gives you a resource, its trust in you goes down until you send something back. If you attack the AI and/or capture its settlements or ships, its trust in you will go down. The AI also distrusts the pirate in the lead (player or AI)!


Those are pretty cool parameters. I like the process. Don’t know if I’d reciprocate to an AI, but knowing the parameters, maybe I’ll be more likely to in the future.