Bug with Armor display during turn replay


When watching the turn replay, both ships and settlements do not have the upgraded armor shown until the turn is over. It’s hard to get a screen shot of this, but it’s reproducible for me every time. The armor does upgrade properly behind the scenes, so that during the attack phase, the attack is reduced by 1. However, the visual display that armor has been increased does not show up until the end of the turn. Both attack and health improvements show up right away during the Upgrade phase of the turn.


I had seen this too. its like the animation is set as the last thing rather than during the upgrade stage


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have a look during the week.


Just fixing this bug now. Thanks very much @penguiniffic for helping me find it.

Are you premium yet? If not let me know and I will give you a free upgrade!


I am not a premium member yet. Thanks!!


You are now, I think @IHG-BlightedPea beat me to it.


Yes, I saw the change last night. It’s very much appreciated. Thanks!