Bug with NP on Android Chrome


Been having a problem when playing on my tablet and phone.
Both on Android, and both using Chrome.

Around 80% of the time I can’t select the menu button (top left). It appears for a split second then vanishes. I can only get round this by pressing over and over, or selecting players then trying again.

Also game selection screen selects top game before I get the chance to select.

No biggie, just a bit annoying. Probably started a 5-6 weeks ago?


Sadly having the same problem with Chrome on Android 4.4.4.
Seems like when tapping somewhere on the screen on page 1, it taps at the same time on the same spot of the screen, but on the page2 you tapped for.
So when you try to tap the top left menu, it actually taps again on it and makes it go away.
Another exemple is when I tap on Galaxy on the left menu, it automatically taps on “show all stars” of the Galaxy screen. So when in mid/end game, it loads for a few seconds and shows ALL stars.

Indeed this started only a few weeks ago.
I makes the experience of NP on phone - that was great - often pretty irritating. It has made me aim for specific areas of the different action buttons not to trigger other buttons on the next screen. And often I have to tap again and again to do a simple thing.
What is odd is that the problem is not occuring all the time. But at least something like 90% of the time.

I guess it’s a Chrome’s update related thing, question is can it be avoided?


Also having issues similar to these on my android phone on chrome.


I found if you long-press instead of clicking, you’ll notice a change in the graphic and it will do only 1 click instead of 2.
This started at the same time as the last Proteus update. I only recently figured out how to stop it from reading a double tap, but hopefully it helps while devs get it fixed.

I have experienced this on 3 different phone browsers.
Seems to be an issue with the mobile site, not the phone browser


I have this too and reported it to Jay a few weeks back. I have reproduced the bug on Chrome, Firefox and Samsung Internet and have done everything I could think of to ensure it wasn’t my phone, including a full hard reset.

Hopefully it’ll be patched soon.

Edit: I was happy to see this thread because I was starting to think my phone was faulty.