Bugs of BBB


Yes, that is what happens currently. We could change it though. What had you expected would happen?


Make possible that the Buccaneers walk from a settlement to another?


Well there is a ballooner there, perhaps the new ship could be build above the settlement!


Currently, I don’t think Ballooners can skip over a settlement during normal movement, but it could be an easy to implement solution.

To answer Penny’s question, I had expected the new ship to be created on a nearby tile reachable by Ballooner. I suppose I did wonder what would happen, but I didn’t think I’d lose the Buccaneers.

Perhaps the simplest solution could be to alter the map? The 2-player map is the only one with any land-locked grasslands, isn’t it? Might not be worth the effort to change the code for one weird case?


Looks like I had just never tried it! Ballooners can travel over settlements, in addition to forests and mines.


Yes, they can travel over your own settlements, but will still attack enemy settlements if ordered towards them.

We could do a once off build on top of the settlement, so you can get the Buccaneers out. It might be a bit confusing if you can’t build ships in there after that. You could build a ship on top of the settlement, but not move it off unless you have a Ballooner on board. I think I’d prefer that as a rule, rather than a once off exception.


What about allowing the option to hire buccaneers at Settlements, or at least only allow Ballooners to be hired at Settlements? That way you can have a ballooner sitting there ready for you to build a ship and fly off to wage war on the open seas.


I don’t think it’s worth a one-off for just this game. It’s a 2-player game and there should only be 2 or 3 turns left. It’s just something I noticed and thought I should report.


I was thinking a one-off for each settlement that is in that situation. If there’s a Ballooner there, it will create a flying ship above the settlement. I think it’s too much of a weird/specific exception though.


How is it possible? Will the ship move for 4 hexes?


It’s allowed to have two Pointers when the ship name contains the word “Express” :wink:


Yikes, this one is for @IHG-BlightedPea to look at!


Did you hire 2, smuggle them, or did it just suddenly start showing 2 Pointers @JeanRenard?


No, I conquered the settlement where the AI had two of them.


Could this happen if you smuggle a buccaneer you already have?


No, when you had that Buccaneer they melt in one entity :smiley:


Thanks! It must be a bug in what the AI is doing. Smugglers only get buccaneers that aren’t already on the ship.


What happened? Auto-smuggling? I didn’t smuggle anything?


Hmm interesting. Maybe from a Settlement you attacked and then captured? Do you know if it was from a ship or settlement?


Surely a ship! You should know well this match :smiley: