Bugs of BBB


Right @penguiniffic. And therein lies the bug, I would guess. The ship shouldn’t come back with any buccaneers. But for some reason it did, and so the game went ahead and also brought back the ship that it would have dredged had it stayed alive.


Ok, so there were ships on both sides with Dredgers? I have a set of check for whether ships have been Dredged already before they can do their abilities, but maybe something is in the wrong order. It shouldn’t have come back with Buccaneers, or have been able to Dredge after being Dredged. I’ll check it out.


There are two hexes that I should be able to see, but they are blank. One of them I will presumably harvest resources from next turn. Any way to find out what is on these two hexes? I know they should be land hexes, based on the overall map layout.


Those are desert hexes. You can’t build on them or land on them.

I should try and make them look like sand dunes or something so its not confusing.


Thanks Jay! Is that new? I haven’t seen desert hexes before.


Over the last couple of days I have noticed that the envelope at the top of the screen doesn’t flash red when there is a new Parley.


Yes, I was going to post a new topic about that, buy you beat me to it @Greyham. The envelope no longer flashes red. It does however flash white. But, I’m finding the white-on-white VERY hard to see. I have to stare at the envelop for a second or two to see if it’s flashing or not. Most of the time, I either click on the envelope and click around, or I click the Menu widget on the right, which does still have the red “New” banner if there’s new parlay.

I personally preferred the old red-flash. It really stood out.


Sorry, I may have broken something. I will have a look later this week. Thanks for the heads up.


I apologise if this is the incorrect place to post this.

I have been trying to host a private game and have been unable to invite other players with the join code. They get stuck at the loading screen. I have set it to “free and premium” and 5 minute turns. Then I set a password. I join the game and enter the password. I then copy and share the game number. Am I missing anything?


Are you/they playing on computer or mobile? On computer, you can just copy the web address for the game for them. I just had a look at your game and it looks fine, it comes up with a box to ask for the password. They will have to enter the password and then they should be able to join.

Are they stuck on the loading screen for the map? Do they have accounts for the game already setup?


This bug is still present in the event log:

Ruisser has smuggled 1 Pointer from Ruisser.


Thanks @ruisselet. Was it from a settlement that you subsequently captured, or from another ship?


@IHG-BlightedPea, you’re right, I did capture a settlement which had a Pointer in it, and the attacking ship had a Slaver.


I just stole a pointer using my slaver, but then it turned into a dredger. Now I have a dredger on board my ship that should be a pointer.


I have been unable to start a game with endless points to win chosen. Each time my password is not accepted. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Thanks!


I’m not sure what is happening there, @cap. I will have a look into it today. Thanks for letting us know.


I later noticed a -1 showing in the field for points goal.


Thanks @cap, I’ve found the source of those bugs and fixed them. The fixes will be out later today.


Not sure if this is a bug with Bouncers or not, but I want to clarify, and report it in case it is a bug.

This is my current game, where I go onto the weed (on the right) to block an enemy’s port, and in need of buccaneers and excess of weed and mermaids, I hire a bouncer on board (that’s unimportant).
Being the jerk I am, I decide to attack the enemy with the bouncer after upgrading so I can get both without any severe consequences.
This is afterwards:

See that new boat on the left? I was pretty sure ship making came before attacks/captures, so I feel like this is a bug. Unless there’s a thing for new ships and settlements, which there might be, that’s after attacking.
If this isn’t a bug, then sorry. If it is a bug that’s still pretty freaking cool, now I block another of his ports lol


Ship building is last, so if you capture a settlement that was building a ship, you get the ship :slight_smile: