Bugs when Merging

I don’t know if it is known :smile:

If armies are grouped together like this:

It is imposible to merge single armies:

If armies are in middle of traveling together and I want to drop down (ungroup) them for merging. Sometimes all except main army are pulled back to point that they are travellin, but a moment before they all were in middle of the way between points. After refreshing everything is ok.




It is more probable to happen if there are a lot of armies grouped together.

If I click “ungroup” then “merge” right after, sometimes something like this happens:

and after cancel I cannot select regrouped unit:

And I cannot group it back. I have to refresh game.

If I want to merge units in the middle of the road target is always displayed on the node instead of road:

So this is quite confusing.

Hey thanks for the detailed bug report. I will make some notes about it and see if I can fix it later this week.

The merging is a very new feature so it hasn’t had much testing yet.