Build warp Gate as carrier action


Would be awesome if you could schedule a warp gate to be built after a carrier takes control of a star. Can just do nothing if not enough cash (logged hopefully).


That’s a very cool idea. This feature will be very useful to time our attacks for the night. Because during the time of wars sometime we have to put alarm at midnight just to build a wrap gate on our opponent’s star so the rest of the fleet reaches there faster.


Very good idea indeed !


Not sure I like this idea for turn-based games … since often times you are calibrating things to see if you (or your opponent) can capture a star and then have to wait until the turn boundary to create a WG … or I guess destroy it.

Seems like this kinda breaks the general model since you can ONLY create any Econ/Industry/Science on tourn boundaries.

Plus in turn-based, you don’t need to set that alarm for Midnight! :wink:


If the hyperspace is far enough beyond scan range, you would not even know how much to budget for the warp gate.
Every other carrier action has to do with ships and destinations.

If only… there was some way to convert ships on a carrier (maybe even the carrier itself) into credits for such actions like the building of a warp gate.

It would also be handy in early stages of long tick jump turn based games for carriers to Build another carrier.


Not really an issue since all other carrier actions are not guaranteed. A carrier action is an attempt at doing something.

For fleet actions which use use credit you also need to take into account gaining Terraforming levels and gaining credit from taking enemy stars. It’s all part of making the decision.

I remember this idea from a few years ago. After a little searching I found this thread which mentions it in passing among other fleet actions.

There’s also these about destroying gates:

The ability to destroy gates on landing would be very useful :heart_eyes:


In my head I would just give the ability to destroy/build gates as an additional carrier action (so like a check box or something). I don’t think you need to make it complicated though, just if you want it to build, you click the checkbox or whatever and it will try to build one at the action you specified. If you can afford it, take the cash and do it, if not then just log that it attempted to but couldn’t because of lack of income. Terra forming and finances will be the job of the player to figure out.


@HULK, you could use the same argument for setting carrier actions like dropping off ships etc. The idea is to predict your enemy and I don’t see how adding this will change much.