Bulk waypoint changes


A question for the code wizard @Qwerty… Can you make bulk changes to waypoint orders.
I am thinking about things like cancelling all looping orders.
And changing the garrison with value on all carriers?


Hmmmm, interesting. :stuck_out_tongue:
I really enjoy coding and I might have some free time (assuming I won’t use it to play other games).
What’s great about NP is that I can actually code while playing and play while coding at the same time, wooooooot!

So, at first I started to think about crazy ideas, I had three paragraph of text already, then I was like: “damn, this is getting weird, I think it’s time to read what he really wrote…”

[size=25]I think that these two commands, as you proposed them, should be quite “easy” actually.[/size]

Want a button for it? A keyboard shortcut? Which one? Which two? Should the button be red? Where should I put it?


I have several complicated thoughts about how I want this to work as well.

Also, sorry I beat you like you owed me money, @eDave :wink:


Say I have this situation:

Several different carriers from several different source stars heading through one common area to a common goal.

Now, that could be a ton of carriers on a ton of loops, but they all have the same drop point and goal.

Now let’s say I want to extend the drop to that grey star. What do I do? I have to change the loops of a ton of carriers. I’d much rather say “all these guys do the same stuff except go one star further!”


Well, why are you sending all those carriers in the first place? Drop at the FIRST star and have the carriers loop from the sources to the first. That way it’s just one carrier you have to switch…


That’s too inefficient. If you want ships where you need them, the best way is non-stop. You can lose a lot of ships per turn on the front just by leaving them between loops, and carriers are super-cheap anyway, especially late in the game.


I would need a button.


@dakotahawkins, my solution to your problem is to do what @MattS says and either use warp gates on the common stars and/or to have multiple carriers on each leg, adding extra’s as I see ships piling up on a star awaiting collection.


Matt is correct here. Having those carriers all travel the same (if they are loops as you stated) is even more inefficient. Have them all drop, then carriers between each star on the chain to move the ships forward. IF that is still too inefficient, then double the carriers and gate things as money is available.

I do like the idea of being able to cancel all waypoints, so you could easily start reorganizing, and the garrison change would be handy too in some situations.


Another point to remember is currently, when you DROP ships at the same time a another carrier is COLLECTING ALL, it may NOT grab 'em all - see this thread.

So you have to build in an hour delay (or login at that tick to check - ARG!) … so I’ll often just send multiple carriers rather than wait an hour and/or take the chance that ships are left behind. Sounds like Jay will hopefully fix this pretty soon.


I disagree. Each of those represent >1 carrier. So, for example the “green” loop might consist of enough carriers to drop off every 12 hours or so. It does require more carriers, but you’re farming ships from the edges more efficiently since they’re literally never left in the middle. Now, if you can get the timing right and do as he suggested but guarantee that a looping carrier would pick-up as soon as (+1 hour) ships are dropped off, that would be fine too. I’ve found trying to time that over large distances and number of stars to be prohibitively difficult though, which is why I settled on my many-carrier, very long loop approach for mid to late game.


I think I should be able to select all carriers which are set to travel through a certain star, then when you change the route for one of those, while the tool is on, I could set it to others as well. BUT I haven’t looked at how the routes are actually handled yet, though I think it should work.

###Anyway, I’ve got an idea:

I call this Star orders (it was discussed already actually).

Now you can’t really set commands for stars, but the workaround is that it would use a dedicated carrier with a name containing a united string, such as “galaxy_Snake”, “galaxy_Sink”…

Then when you set a route for new carrier and it is set to visit a star which is in a route of these galaxy carriers, it will automatically change the order for you.


How many carriers are you running on these same loops? It would seem to me that having all those overlapping routes would still be really inefficient. If you are going to have enough carriers to compensate for each route being as long as depicted there, why not just have enough carriers in each segment to pick up every other hour? That would allow for much easier changes when you either need to add another star to the chain, or pull back if your on the defensive.


Generally less carriers than it would take to pick up every other hour :slight_smile:

I don’t always do this, you have to have game conditions that mandate sending basically all your ships in a single direction. Generally the common part of the loops is a warp gate “backbone”, and it can look more like a tree than I depicted (carriers coming in at different points along the common portion). It’s also generally over very long distances. You’re right that in the common part ships are picked up extremely frequently, so there’s generally not much there, it’s more about getting a constant stream of ships from the edges.

I used to have a really cool screenshot of this on imgur, but I deleted it. I think I sent it to somebody to show them the “tip of the spear.” It looked like a giant lightning bolt.