Buttons on waypoint screen to Do Nothing, Collect and Drop All


I’m currently playing more on a cellphone (Galaxy Note 3, great screen and resolution) than on PC. The only disavantage I find a major one is the lack of keyboard shortcuts. It should be useful if I have some buttons to define the next waypoint action without using a dropdown or secondary screen.

These buttons could be organized like that:

Waypoint: Minchir ^, Decrux ^, Kajam ^, Nunki V [x]
[^] [v] [!] [Looping symbol]
ETA: 20h [-] [X] [Save] [Save & Edit]

Garrison and Drop/Collect all but does not need to change.

It will be one more line with great potencial to accellerate waypoint definition. Players should be able to remove this option if desired.

What you guys think?


Hi Marison,

I have been playing on my iPad a bit lately so I feel your pain.

I was thinking that rather than adding more buttons to the interface I could add a system where if you click on a star twice it changes from collect all to drop all, and a third time to do nothing.


When/if you do this could you make one of the options Garrison 1


I would like that solution.

Right now I use more clicks to add more delays with the default command.

This should be enabled by an option because some people will prefer the last behavior, no?


One way to do this is have the default command for one, two and three clicks defined by the user.


Jay, wouldn’t that stop you from being able to return to the same star repeatedly, thus block an easy way of collecting ships that are being dropped off prior to leaving? I often have a ship ‘orbit’ a star for an hour or two before it departs. Just adding delay time won’t work since you can’t set an action prior to leaving, having the ship arrive at the same place is the only way to do this.


Yes this would break this interface.

I was thinking more about this interface last night, and I wonder if I should not try a larger change.
Iinstead of a list with a funny icon next to each star, perhaps it woudl be best to build a table with each star having its own row.

Instead of

StarA ^, StarB ^, StarC ^ 

I should have something like

StarA        Collect All
StarB        Collect All
StarC        Drop All

I would limit it to 3 for 4 lines and scroll as needed. You would be able to click on the Collect All to change it to another order.

I think it would be a lot more explicit and clearer for new players. I would make it so that its the same interface as the one used on the Carrier detail dialog.


That sounds like a plan! Just worry about the times I’m trying to route things on a small smartphone screen, there may not be much space to move the map around and click your next target. I could this not mattering on my desktop, really helpful on my iPad, but really cluttered on my 3.5 in smartphone screen. Could you have both interfaces, with an option menu choice between them?


I would rather have one solution for all, but don’t worry, I will be testing carefully on the phones!