Can we select more colors for players to choose from?

I am creating two player games for me and my brother to practice together.

Every time I create a game and set it to two players, the two color options are dark blue and light blue.

Is there a way to use different colors for two player games? I would like e.g. red and blue or blue and green.

Thank you in advance.

Anyone got a solution for this? I’d appreciate any help.

Hi Gruff, as far as I know there’s no way to change player starting position colours - same way the colours are pre-defined in regular/other games types.

I agree it would be better to use something other than 2 shades of Blue for 2 players games.

Thanks for the response. I tried doing a 32 player game then force starting - that just set the 30 other players to robots, which is not terrible but still not the most desireable situation.

Is there a feature suggestion place?

nvm, found the feature suggestion category.

I plan to add this as part of the Team Game stuff.

I hope one day we can have some kind of game type were players can create teams dynamically mid game and change and choose colours and symbols at will in the game. I might add a whole bunch of new symbols at that time too.

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As long as there is Gold I’m happy

Hulk says as long as there is Green he is happy too! :wink:

ok, remove gold and green. check.

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Thanks, I look forward to this improvement. We can select racial pictures, but selecting color and symbol is more important as it aids identification on the map.