Can you buy Tech from AI you are FRIENDLY (8) with?


Once you max max out your friendly rating with an AI it stops telling how much to send to continue to gain favor. Since I have nothing to trade back for tech, I tried paying, but got nothing in return. So, can you buy tech (or trade for that matter) with AI once you’ve maxed out your favor with them?



I think the going rate is $15 per infrastructure the ai has. best thing to do is attack it a few times until you can see the cost, or trade a lower tech for what you want.



Yes. You can buy tech by sending the AI credits equal to 5 times their total economy.

They will then send you a tech they have and you don’t provided they have sufficient credits to meet the transfer cost. In my experience this is always the case for the turn following production and usually the case in the following turn.


That 5 X Total Economy answers my question perfectly. Thanks Grim.