Can you set automatic upgrades when the pay comes in?

Like how you can set what tech to research when one is done, can you set upgrades to happen automatically when the day ends?

For example, the cycle ends at 2am when I’m asleep. I’d rather not miss out on 7 hours of science/ships so can I set it to upgrade these 5 stars at the start of a new cycle?

There’s no such feature at the moment.

What you could do is play a turn-based game. They work a little different, so that you never have to miss a tick :smile:

The only real solution is to either play a game with a non-standard Production cycle such as 20 Ticks or else only join games that are almost full at a suitable time. For instance I’m currently playing 4 games, 2 which cycle at 6:30pm after i get home from work and 2 that cycle around 12-1pm so I can check during my lunch break.

Just thinking up every possible solution:

  1. Jay implements server side - best for usability point of view.
  2. Jay implements client side - you need to have the game open for it to work.
  3. Wake up for 5 minutes - Turn your monitor brightness on minimum so you don’t fully wake up. Do NOT send any fleets no matter how good an idea it seems at the time.
  4. Someone creates a userscript for future building - you still need the window open
  5. Someone creates a web service which logs in and builds for you. (using API or scraping)
  6. Get a sibling/partner to do it for you.

Down sides:

1,2: There are more important features to work on.
3: Depends a good deal on how you sleep and if you have a partner.
4,5: Requires an interested party and would take a lot of work. 5 much more work than 4.
6: They cold mess stuff up and are probably sleeping at the same time as you.
4,5,6: Might be against the rules.

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Oh yeah I do number 3 every single game, usually at least once every night during critical stages