Cancel/readmit player that quits

Hi! I’m the admin of a private game between friends, and one of them accidentally quit the game (he wanted to quit in another game he was playing simultaneously and that went wrong…). I see that in the admin panel I can readmit kicked or dropped players, but it doesn’t allow me to readmit him. Is there a way to do this from the admin or the player account?

I feel it’s a shame that you can readmit AFK players but can’t readmit those who voluntarily or accidentally quit…


You should be able to do this, but you can only do it in games that have a password set? Do you remember if you set a password?

Might need a browser refresh if you haven’t tried that already.



I do have a password set and I remember it, but it doesn’t let me do this. Maybe because we play with dark galaxy and I don’t yet see him? If that’s the case this should be considered a bug I guess.

yeah… ok… that might be something I need to look into.

Thank you so much :blush:

I guess it’s not reasonable of us to expect a fix anytime soon, right? Don’t know if it’s an easy fix or a hard one so just asking to know if we kill this game or wait a few days :smile:

Keep up the great work, we love the game!

Forgot to say it’s a turn-based game and we paused a few hours after he quit, but the turn hasn’t passed yet.

Alright I did more testing since I’m the admin of another game with both AFK and Quit players, and I can confirm that I can restore AFK players but not those who Quit. I don’t know if it’s on purpose but that’s how it works right now…

I think we made this change deliberately because some players were abusing the system.

How far are you into the game? I don’t think I’m going to have a chance to look into this today.

I also think the dark galaxy issue might be a bigger problem.

We are almost three weeks into the game, we play one turn per day so things go slow :slight_smile:

If that change was on purpose maybe there’s nothing wrong with the dark galaxy setting, I was assuming it would allow me to readmit him so I thought it didn’t let me because I don’t see him, but if you differentiate a quit from an AFK player then I guess the dark galaxy has nothing to do with it :slight_smile:

Moving it to bugs category because in games with an admin and password this should be possible/not exploitable. However if there’s corner cases I didn’t consider then I guess it’s not a bug/won’t fix ^^


I was the one who asked that this be disabled.

In my case, we were playing a friends-only game and the admin did it specifically to trick/screw over other players and gain an advantage. The guy who quit actually wanted to concede defeat, and a couple of days later they just kind of got together and decided it’d be funny. It works pretty well because as soon as that guy quit the rest of us deprioritized fighting and defending against the less dangerous AI in favor of fighting each other.

In your case, it sounds like something you’d really want to be able to do. Ideally there’d be some kind of way to have it both ways. I’d at least want some kind of early warning that a player was coming back, and maybe it should only be allowed within a certain number of turns or ticks.

Well if the admin on a “friends only” game wants to screw other players, I suggest you guys don’t let him admin more games and/or avoid playing with him altogether. If we all know each other and want to do out-of-game stuff to screw people other (like backstabbing without role playing, or acting suicidal just to screw someone, or…) there will always be abuse. Just avoid playing with those people.

Anyway if you want to avoid “admin advantage” (even when, if a player rejoins, it’s obvious to everyone it’s not an AI anymore) just put a vote system. Still I don’t see the problem here, if the admin lets the player rejoin, just put an event for everyone to see and that’s it.

As I understand it, by definition
A player QUITs because he should not be coming back.

A player goes AFK perhaps because of RL delays ?

If an AFK player comes back, it should not be replaced by a different person.
It should be the same person who went AFK.

Maybe there should be a in-game mechanism to prevent a different player taking over an AFK empire.

comments ?

In both cases it should be the same person. I think that’s already taken care of, can you actually put a different player in an AFK position? I thought that’s just not possible.

IDK. I never tried it. I doubt that the game allows a different person to take over an AFK AI empire.

Maybe I was misunderstanding how dakotahawkins was screwing people.

I think it was the same guy coming back after a few turns, it’s just that when he left people stop attacking him because it was “just the AI”. I guess it was back in the time when the AI didn’t attack.

I wasn’t screwing anybody, I got screwed!

Yeah something like that, though I’d prefer to know it was going to happen a few ticks before it triggers though. Either that or if it’s instantaneous (quit/rejoin on the same tick or same turn I wouldn’t have a problem with).