Cannot use various characters in messages

As of a few days ago we can now use the percent sign

But not greater or less than signs.

Example usages:

“I’m sending a carrier through Star A → Star B → Star C”
“I’ve been able to sell all my tech at >20$ per level”
“Evil grin >:)”

Here’s an old list:

The missing characters are: "%&<>{|}~\

I regularly use all of them except {, } and .

" = used to quote people
% = used to give people discounts when selling tech or when talking stats
& = used for shorter message titles. Particularly useful for official names.
<> = used to indent replies to quotes (like emails use), evil grin face >:) and for a shorthand less-than / greater-than
| = used for the :expressionless: emote
~ = used to signify a number is an approximate

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I must admit I find “Double Quotes” being stripped very frustrating as I forget and use them only to find my messages look rubbish and sometimes the meaning changes!

OK, uploading a fix for this now. I did a fair amount of reading about XSS and I’m fairly sure I am handling the unsafe text correctly.