Can't send message to all players

New to the forum, hello.

I am having an issue with NP2, where in when I try send a message in game to all of the current players I get an error.

Error contacting server.
Please try again later

The message I am trying to send;

*Just looking to find out how everyone is getting on with the game, are there any settings you like or don’t? I might run a strawpoll for the next game to decide each of the settings rather than me deciding how I want to play.

I’m also keeping my eye out for games similar to this, turn bases or real time, especially ones that can be played out in much smaller sessions, say an hour or two or even games that can be saved and session’d once a week. So if you have any thoughts on that or there are any games you think we could get on then please let me know.

Also remember I am the admin so I can pause the game and do a few other things that might solve issues anyone has.

May the best empire win
Hymn of the USSR - Red Army Choir (English Sub.) - YouTube *

I have tried removing the link, changing the format of the text etc but I still get the same error. I don’t seem to be able to send any messages at all. I might be missing something.

I am using the latest version of chrome.

Apparently this has been solved. I have no idea why, I’ve not done anything different it’s just started working.

The server might have been having a little hickup. I’ll check the logs.

Thanks for reporting.