Capturing Science & Technology


When you capture a star that has some science infrastructure should you actually capture some of that players technology?
They of course still retain the knowledge as well.
Only really important if the player in question has a higher level of technology than you?
The exact mechanics of this needs some thought, but I am thinking that capturing a star which accounts for half of a players science should give you access to half of their tech. (or half of the difference between your tech level and theirs).
Likewise capturing the last star, with science infrastructure, should give you all of their tech.
This could be limited, to say a 90%, understanding to account for the differences between the races, languages etc.

Taking a home star or successfully repelling an attack provides access to enemy technology

This idea has floated around before. It is a reasonable idea.

Maybe not a full tech level, but some number of points towards research levels you are behind in.


I like the idea of you get their tech (or something) when you take out their last Science or star … or what about when you wipe out their home world?


If experimentation points were a potential outcome from battles rather than something you get every turn it could encourage people to be more aggressive.


I have to say, I like the idea. It’s another bit of “rubber-banding” that allows people who are behind to catch up.


What happens if two allied players alternatively capture and evacuate one sciency star? Would it be an exploit or a valid strategy?


Ooh. Good catch.

However, it would only work if both parties have both stronger and weaker techs, and it would be a lot slower/chancy than just a simple transfer, so I suspect that its gamey effects would be slow enough to be ignorable.


This sounds like a cool idea but I think it would be hard to balance out the way it works so it would be fair for everyone. If an enemy had some good techs that someone wanted then 2 or 3 people can gang up on that 1 guy. It would really unbalance the game and make it hard to protect yourself as alliances of players gang up on other players to take them out for their techs.

Another possibility is when someone wipes another player they get experimentation points according to their experimentation level. This way instead of a player getting experimentation only at the end of a cycle, they can get experimentation after defeating an opponent. They can get experimentation twice within`1 cycle. It doesn’t throw off the balance of the game and it benefits players that team up to wipe other players out. You don’t want the reward to be so good that it unbalances the game but you want enough of a reward that players get something for wiping out another player.


I liked the idea, but only as an option.

I think a fair and balanced way to do this would be:


Se = Science level of the enemy
Ss = Science level of the star
Pe = Number of science points the enemy has on the technology he is researching
Py = Number of sciente points you have on the technology the enemy is researching

Then the number of science points you should get on the technology the enemy is researching is:

N = (Pe - Py) * (Ss / Se)

Of course, assuming Pe > Py. In other words, you get the amount of knowledge produced by that star alone, proportional to your difference in knowledge. This should be limited to the rise of one level only.

Another idea is for the enemy to lose points. Let Sr be the number of points he has researched towards the next level on this technology. He could lose Sr * (Ss / Se), meaning he loses the knowledge he produced on that star.

This would even allow one to change his research when he sees he will lose a star, to hide his research from the attacker.

One last idea is to make this work for all technologies at once when the homeworld is taken.