Card Limits

And in this screenshot we see @Qpona demonstrating why we probably do need a Magic the Gathering or Hearthstone style card limit in decks. :smile:

At least for Hard and Nightmare.

Deployment restrictions would also help here.


I would only suggest card limits if you implement the card upgrade system. You want to have incentives for people to get a lot of cards, and if there’s a 40 card maximum or whatever at a certain point they don’t need more cards.

I still think the answer is modifying the zombie lords fwiw. Make a lot of them indestructible except in melee combat. Have the mana stealing, gold stealing and valor stealing lords take half instead of full but spawn more zombies without using bodies based on amount drained. Gold golems, chaos elementals and onyx sentinels get spawned based on amount drained with no bodies needed. Having it percentage based would make sure it scales.

I think giving the lords increased saving throws is a good idea. We’ve talked about the lords themselves increasing in strength as they remain in the map. So for the ones that steal gold/mana/valour - they would convert what they’ve stolen to strength for themselves. In combo with this I think we would look at reducing the amount they are stealing each time, or perhaps even putting some randomness into this.

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The card limits would also be configurable by the admin and would go in combination with unlimited or increased card selections. It would definitely tie into upgraded cards, so if you could only take 4 of your favourite card, you’d be able to take 4 standard, 4 corrupted, and 4 righteous.

Did you have a ton of Elder Mages with you to? Where did you get the mana for all of that? I thought that Goblin Royalty was an expensive card (in terms of mana). And all of those dealers would need a lot of hero cards deployed to even break even, let alone start making a profit. Now, with all of those deployed, I’m sure some of them did make a profit, but I wonder how much really. I bet most of that gold came from towns and the Goblin Royalty.

If it was a Nightmare game, probably from Valor shunted to them from the other players. Each Goblin Royal card converts 12 Valor into 500 Gold (instead of the usual 10 to 200), and after you down a 10k stack you’re swimming in it.