Card Mod Suggestion: The Super Monsters

Suggestion: Make the “upgraded monsters” cards like Hydra Lord and Dragon Rider add +400 per dragon/hydra/whatever on the field to each Dragon the player controls. Keep the current cost the same. Keep the other abilities these monsters have the same (ie. the DRagon Riders super blast). Thus, if there are 3 dragons (both corrupted and player controlled) on the field, then the player’s dragons (including the Lord) gain an extra 1200 power each.

Reason: I think many of us agree the super monsters want to be useful, but for the cost, they simply are a luxury at this point. They need something interesting to make them worth the cost. With the above added ability, not only are the super monsters more desirable, it makes their normal versions also a lot more desirable. Suddenly, dropping 1500 gold for a Dragon is a lot more palatable when you know the more Dragons out there, the more powerful each one wil get.

…and I did a lot of thinking on the Hydra, lately. I love playing Trolls, and I want to love the Hydras, but their overly restrictive move is a real pain. Even giving them a painfully slow 7 hours / league would add to their utility quite significantly.

The other thing Hydras need to be more thematic is to become a Unit with multiple combatants. Hydras’ defining attribute is their many heads, right? Rather than a single 1 x 2000, what about doing 5 x 400? Those “5” would be each one of its heads. They can be hacked off or killed, and the Hydra slowly degrades in power. Oh, and Hydras’ heads in mythology could regenerate, We need that!

So, this is what I would suggest for the lovely Hydra:

2000 Power (5 x 400)
1500 gold to recruit
Swim (3 hours / league in a marsh), Slither (7 hours / league for all other terrain types)

Regenerate: Spend 6 mana to attempt to regenerate the heads of the Hydra. Each head has a 40% chance of returning (with no experience) for each attempt to regenerate. [note: this means a hydra with 4 dead heads could theoretically get them all back with a single 6 mana expenditure… though thats unlikely]. 24 hour cooldown for the regenerate ability.

See? Way more interesting and thematic. Still generally defensive and a good fir for the Trolls.

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I second all these ideas!

Thanks Praetorian. These are all great suggestions. I like the idea that the upgraded monsters could be like a Dragon King or something, boosting all the other dragons.

I agree that the Hydras could use an extra something. I was thinking something like a multi-headed charge or ranged attack, maybe for the upgraded version. Or instead of losing health (we don’t have this concept in the game at the moment), they could grow a head and gain strength with each conquest.

I’ll keep all these ideas in mind when working on the upgrades and revising the standard units.

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Thanks. I hope these aren’t too annoying. I really like game design and figure you all can ignore me as you see fit.

Not annoying at all! We need lots of ideas for all the new cards and want to make sure all the current cards and useful and balanced, so keep it coming!

First of all, I know that this will revive this topic and notify people( and be possibly annoying, for which I apologise ), but I have to second @Praetorian’s ideas.

At the moment, pretty much all the monsters are a luxury at best, and the Hydra suffers even more due to restricted movement. Also, the fact that a 2000 power creature can be totally destroyed in a single battle with a 700 strong zombie horde
( has happened several times )
makes them far too much of a risk to use, so I have never really felt a need for it.

Therefore, I strongly support the 5 * 400( or even 3 * 700 ) formula, so that you don’t lose the whole investment due to one bad roll. Also, the ability is a very nice bonus! :slight_smile:

Hey @JaiSh123, not annoying at all, its great to have somebody playing and thinking about the game.