Carrier adding a ship (and conqueror badges)

Imagine if building a carrier gave the star an additional ship. When those close encounters are imminent you could build like 4 to defend only just. It’d probably be abused, but it’d be cool lol

Also any progress on changing the 64 conqueror badges to gold or red so they’re different to the 32 match wins? Theres quite a few players with profiles that look like they’ve taken on the massive undertaking that is a 64 match, and actually won it. It cheapens the achievement I think

New conqueror badges shouldnt really matter that much for you though right? I guess you can still look at them on other peoples profiles…

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Did the leg up I provided in a couple recent games lead you to believe you might pull a 64 win?

Sure, here you go :wink:


Oh you were in this game too! Forgot about that

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Ouch :rofl:

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LOL. Cute. Midgame warrior hey

HA still hurting over me destroying two of your matches

Wow, that’s the game where we were allied and I ceded and fed income before quitting after holding back hero and sun for yas…

Youre a special kind of fuckhead, arent you Roger?

Youre welcome you fucking moron

Hahaha you ceded for Ruhelos and rottingmanta, who immediately betrayed us and joined the other team :joy:

But thanks, super helpful… for the other team.

Sounds like bullshit. You started in the centre. The only way you could become the dominant force is by being dodgy and betraying. Is that the story you used to turn on your allies…

Let’s be totally clear here you didn’t cede until you were down to 8 stars after Sun and I wiped you out

liar. I said I’d cede the entire time, as long as I could hold back a 2v1. You and sun had to call on a 3rd ally to turn the tide.

Butthurt knows no bounds does it.

Leaving reality to win an argument is pretty fucking lame guys. I may be a complete prick 99 percent of the time, but I do adhere to facts

My congratulating you for a game well played isn’t relevant lol. It was a tough battle for a while, then my alliance broke though and wiped you out. We exchanged messages as you gave a few stars to Ruhelos, but you ended up quitting before handing them all over.

Anyways, we started beating Ru’s team after you left so they betrayed @Ramjet and joined us :rofl:

Youre trying to shame me for not winning an instant 2v1. Very clearly my only option was to fuck the growth up of both of you. Which i definitely succeeded in doing.

Youre talking like we’re playing noughts and crosses where its just the winner and the loser. Theres a little more to that in real time strategy. I held off a 2v1 for over a 9 days all on my own, then allies jumped in and the inevitable finally occurred. The effort was to ruin both your games, as you can see from the leader board. I completely achieved that. Ta duh