Carrier adding a ship (and conqueror badges)

And Roger betrayed Dr shakamoto. The player I defended Roger against when he started questioning his loyalty. Damn guys, bad day to get at me

How does one stoop so low as to spew this kind of crap in a public forum, all over some game? I hate being backstabbed or the like as much as the next guy, but spamming a thread with insults after some light provocation seems like an overreaction - even for a self-proclaimed “extremely rude prick”. Maybe take a step or two back.


The idea was too write something so outrageous the post was removed. I have no idea what the fuck dex or jay is doing

today’s fuel friend, todays fuel.

Get a room guys, get a room…


I agree with @Trucriot. And then there’s this…



Boo hoo. Youre all holograms because it needs to go the way it went. Doesn’t matter

I did the editing myself. I believe i shall apply for a moderators position