Carrier Command: Ally to

Hullo, relatively new to this game. I’ve been reading around in these forums and I heard a little noise about an “Ally to” Command, and I’m wondering how it works exactly. From what I’ve gathered:

-It exists in formal alliance games
-It gives your ships to the destination player

My questions are:

-what happens to the carrier?
-can this be done in games without formal alliances?

I’m wondering because if I know I can use my ships as a bargaining chip in diplomacy as much as tech and cash, that would be very useful indeed…

1 .
There is no “Ally to” command that I am aware of.

2 .
A game can sometimes have the optional setting to enable “Formal Alliances”

You can learn more about Formal Alliances in The Triton Codex at HELP / Diplomacy / Formal Alliances

3 .
Two players must agree to join into a Formal Alliance.

You will both share scanning data.

You may decide to launch ships into your ally’s star, as a gift aid. Your ally will take over control of that carrier and ships to use in his combats, or send them back to you.

4 .
In games where “Formal Alliances” are disabled, there is only regular combat and diplomacy. You may have friendly cooperation to plan strategies against mutual enemies, but your ships may not visit the stars of other empires except only for combat.

Thanks, @xjhdexter. I know I read it mentioned in one of the threads here but it must be a command the game executes itself when specific conditions are met…

Still, thanks for the information! It cleared up some things for me about formal alliance games. I would have liked to been able to sell ships to other players… that’s a good feature to request, though.

This is not impossible when you have a Formal Alliance.