Carrier Drop @ Ally's Star


I’ve been playing NP2 for years… and I just discovered this issue.

  • I am formally allied with another player.
  • I am sending ships to said ally’s star that happens to have a warp gate.
  • Even though I have my fleets set to collect all ships from my systems and drop at their star, repeating this over and over, my carriers are not dropping their ships at the rally point.

I don’t know if this is by design or a bug. If it is by design, it is baffling to me as I would argue that the main component of allying with another player is to aid in defense. Being able to set a rally point within an ally’s systems is crucial to automating fleet assembly.

Please advise.
Respectfully, A’hamkara

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In the long ago past, NP2 FA allowed allies to gift carriers and ships to your FA allies.

After 2015 MAR, Jay changed the combat algorithm, so now gifting ships is no longer possible.
With the new rules by design, FA allows you to fly your carriers through FA space, and help defend FA stars, but you do not own the stars of your allies, so you are not allowed to transfer ships from your own carriers over a FA star. You will only be able to transfer & collect ships by returning to your own stars.


Yeah, thinking about it more, I guess that makes sense. It would be nice to have the ability to transfer carrier to carrier at an ally’s star though. That way you could have a storage point for when ships rally.


Maybe your ally can abandon a star to allow you to transfer ships.