Carrier Foundry


Just another infrastructure upgrade, like stargates.

A ** carrier foundry** can be installed on any star.

The star will automatically produce one carrier at the beginning of each galactic cycle. This carrier will appear with one new ship in it’s fleet.

I suggest the cost should be double that of a stargate.

They can be destroyed in the same manner as stargates.

In terms of game balance I feel it may make players more gung ho with their carriers.



Any suggestions about how much this should cost to build?


I can’t remember the formula for stargate cost, but That x2?


So if the cost is x2 then I would have to wait for 12 cycles before the carrier foundry pays for itself. In a real time game, this would be almost 2 weeks. This is for a star with (70) 50 resources, a pretty good star. I would rather build 12 carriers on different stars then start a bunch of loops with the ships instead of spend it on 1 star like this. A cheaper price would be much better. The price would be $284 for this star, or the same cost as 12 carriers. The price needs to be adjusted for it to be something a player would want to spend money on.


I agree, Somewhere closer to 7 days worth would seem better I think?


What if we use 125% of the warp gate cost? For the (70) 50 resource star this cost would be $177, or equal to just over 7 days worth of carriers. Past 7 days it would start paying for itself. A building like this should not be able to be torn down, even if the star is captured by another player. It would make the player a bigger target if someone sees they have a carrier foundry.


That sounds like an excellent level Jason. Entirely agree.


Naah, still wouldn’t make it attractive, because the foundry will have to be bought and paid now, and the carriers would have to be bought and paid each on their turn. And you can put these in the game on any star you want.
The only way this would work is if you implement this INSTEAD of the $25 carriers we have now.
And probably your home planet should be equipped with a foundry from the start.
But after a while you would be up to your eyeballs in carriers. So where’s the fun in that?
Or you could limit the capacity of each carrier to 252 ships: theoretically 256 but the bridge takes one space, living quarters 2 spaces and of course there’s the gift shop.
You could then assemble fleets of carriers for carrying more ships.


If you’re not having a bar then I certainly won’t be flying Air wreckless.


We have a bar but you aren’t invited :wink:
Buy a replica at the gift shop ! ! !


Not to put a downer on the idea, but I feel that while interesting, the feature would probably not be worth the additional complexity.

To borrow the idea from the C# team, when evaluating what to add, every new feature starts at -100 points, which represents the cost to users of incremental increase in complexity. Then you factor the other pros and cons on top of it and consider adding the feature if it ends up with a positive score.

I see very few cons to the idea, but creating a second method of fleet creation that is useful only in isolated contexts is +30 points at best (in my opinion), leaving the entire idea deep in negative territory.

On the other hand, it’s only my opinion. Others may feel the feature is far more valuable.


I concede the point, although I’d be happier with this rather than nova bombs.


I am kinda with tlwest with his point of view regarding this. It would make things more complex and a player wouldn’t have to worry as much about if they should spend money of a few ships or if they should build a warpgate, economy, science, or industry. $25 is a low price for a carrier so I don’t think a carrier foundry is really needed. End game it won’t help at all. Players will end up having more carriers than they will know what to do with.

It would also make strategy much more difficult if every star was able to have 2 or 3 carriers on each one. After a month then 30 carriers are built at no extra expense. They would be getting 3 free carriers a day. Most people can’t lose 3 carriers in a day unless they really try. If a player has 3 of these buildings, they just got 90 carriers in a month. That is way more than what a player needs.

Defense wouldn’t be much of an issue for players. It would be a bunch of people sending wave after wave of carriers and ships. We do not need a zerg system of carriers. There is no strategy involved in zerging. I feel this is what many players will end up doing if this is implemented. I think it would ruin the game and completely change the strategy to a more careless style of playing. That just isn’t what this game is made for. Either they will zerg or just have a big stockpile of carriers and not know what to do with all of them. It would take some work to implement too. It is an interesting idea but I just don’t see how it would work well in this game.


It is rather strange that a carrier can be created out of thin air on a desolate planet with zero industry, science ore banking simply by throwing money at it.

It’s logical to put a ship yard on a home planet, where carriers can be build for $25. Than construct additional shipyards on strategic locations and make them rather expensive.

If it gets implemented like that, it would definitely add a strategic element to the game.


I’m convinced wreckless, I think that’s a much better suggestion.


It was your idea, I just added a small refinement. :wink:


That might be quite cool, makes it quite C&C-ish!


I am going to half-like the suggestion by wreckless.
I agree is rather strange that a carrier can be created out of thin air.

Something feels off to me about the shipyard requirement though.
Unless it was very low or constant cost, it could hurt some reasonable strategies.

For instance you couldn’t as easily send ships to a planet at the edge of your scanning in a dark galaxy, then craft a carrier, and send to two more planets in opposite directions. It also makes sending to a planet outside your scan range a bigger gamble. You don’t know if you will be able to build a carrier or not.

Lastly I feel it would just put more weight on the money strategy which already seems to be favored. (but that is a topic for a different thread)

Regardless, I do think it has potential to be a good optional feature.

Here’s a counter idea to address the idea of ships appearing from nowhere -
Have building a carrier subtract from your ship production the turn it happens. This way the ships are coming from somewhere at least, unless currency is actually carriers :wink:

There’s already lots of math around when planets build ships, add an extra chunk to that equation.

Each planets production per tick would be [Current Calculation] - [ Carriers Built * Planet Industry / Total Industry]

Not knowing the source code, I don’t know how complicated that actually is. I structured the equation that way since it allows the feature to be optional and hopefully doesn’t require directly changing the existing back end math.

Sorry for the long babble!


I would love to at least play test having foundries instead of being able to build carriers outright.


How about having to use some ships to build a carrier, maybe 5, which when rebuilt become 1 carrier and a single ship.

So if when capturing a new star you want to divide up and go off in two directions you unload 5 ships from the carrier and spend the cash to convert them into a carrier plus 1 ship.

With this system in place another game variable could be how many ships are needed to make a new carrier 3,5,7,9,12.