Carrier Looping


It seems that when you make a carrier loop between 3 or more stars they break? when the carrier reaches the end of the loop instead of carrying on the same direction it was already travelling it decides to turn around and do the entire loop backwards instead of the same way it was already going… This is rather annoying.

So could someone please clarify if I am doing something wrong I have tried everything to get them to keep going the same direction.

I am going to presume this is just how the game is made and I would like for an option or something to make the carriers not do the loop in reverse when it reaches the end of the loop because that is not looping that is just sending a carrier backwards and forwards.

Its important because I like to have 2 or more carriers participating in each loop, but I dont want to them both hit the same star at the same time because this is pointless… if they keep doing the loop backwards they will both hit the centre of the loop at the same time and both try to collect on the same star but obviously only one of them will and if they do this the carrier wasted its time going there.

If I have a loop 24 hours long with 2 carriers, I want to for each carrier to reach the drop of point every 12 hours basically splitting my loop into half, it has the same effect of having a warp gate but just for 25$ carrier instead.

Can anyone understand this?? or I will post some screenshots… at the moment I am just micromanaging my carriers to achieve this same effect.


might need a screen shot. do you include all stars just once in the queue?


hmm, it sounds like you might have the pathing set wrong as i did the same thing a bit when i started. it is hard for me to explain as ive been drinking a bit but the path the carrier follows should be the order you set the ship to follow. if a carrier is in flight to a star when you set a loop you dont need to add the star it is heading too into the que


if you are on star A then tell the carrier to go to start B then C then back to A then start the loop. if you are already in flight from A too B you just need to tell the carrier to then go to C then back to A and it will continue the 3 star loop as it is already being told to land on B before starting the loop.


This is exactly what I am doing believe me ;p but when my carrier reaches the star that it started on when i started the loop it does the same loop but backwards lol.

I dont get it…


The thing is if I do exactly the same thing as I normally do sometimes the carriers do actually follow the same direction…


So I have this loop, but what will happen is when it reaches Yum… the starting point it will turn back around and do the same thing backwards…


So now the carrier has left its original star, and as you can see the loop is no longer connecting yum to garnet.


It’s not supposed to show a new line from yum to garnet while you are on that path. In theory what you have there should work, hmmmm


As @CabalSociety says, there is nothing wrong with what and how carriers are supposed to loop.

On your two screenshots, when an asterisk is listed by Yum, it is because the carrier has arrived at Yum.
When the carrier departs, the asterisk is not listed.

Later when the carrier arrives Garnet, Garnet will be moved to the bottom of the list, so the looping carrier schedule will continue indefinitely, counter-clockwise on the map as you ordered.

Perhaps you are seeing on the second screenshot, a gap between the carrier and Yum. Jay was just being lazy. Nothing to worry about.

Are you getting enough sleep ? This can be a common problem with NP2 players. LOL


Ok thanks, I will see what happens, it is fairly confusing to see that so dont blame me lol I can understand that it wont show the entire loop because the end of the loop continues being created as the carrier moves around it… Its just that sometimes it has turned back around the opposite way even though it is exactly like this.

Yes I get enough sleep ;p

I actually leave my pc on overnight though in the odd chance I might wake up.


Watch this carrier loop, if it flips around into a clockwise direction, then post a screenshot, and Jay would need to review his code.

Also make sure your password is not shared with friends or roommates, especially if they like to mess with your thinking, and change your carrier orders.


No one knows my password, I dont even know my password. I have my password stored on a usb which only I have access to it which is also encrypted by a master key file, the key file needs to be used with also a global password to unlock my actual passwords… And my pc is hardened against security threats, I also live alone so lol

Anyway we see what happens thanks :smile:


Thanks everybody for helping explain how this works!


Carrier is looping properly, thanks