Carrier Lost Defending Star

I understood that if a star is attacked that the larger group of ships does the defending first. In this case there were 17 ships on the star and 1 on a Carrier being attacked by 17 ships. The battle was won easily as I had Weapons 6 (+1) and the attacker Weapons 3. But my carrier was destroyed! The star was left with 12 ships.

In the past I’ve always dropped all ships onto a star rather than keep them on a Carrier. Should I now keep all ships on the carrier instead? That’s difficult as in a turn based game extra ships are added to the star, not the Carrier. Hey Jay what’s the answer?


Yes, this is one of the rules that have changed along with the new combat system. Casualties are applied evenly to all carriers present (and the star) rather than killing the largest carrier first.

I kinda liked the old behavior … maybe add an outer loop around the combat code so that it iterates on the star and then a sorted listed of carriers (?)

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Yes, so did I. Something more to think about. Can’t just drop all any more!

I suppose I’ll get used to it.

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I agree with @HULK 's feature request.

At least for the defenders side, maybe damage should first be applied against the ships down on the planet, and then secondly evenly distributing damage against the defending carriers in orbit.

The damage applied against the attackers would not change.

It can be annoying when the defender has to worry about losing carriers, when “Drop ALL” is a frequently used command.

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You need to drop all and then get out of the combat zone.

I think having damage distributed evenly among all carriers (and the star) is the fairest and simplest to explain in the rules.

If.,after a while of testting, we think its still a big deal we could change it so that the star suffers casulties first, the all carriers suffer damage equaly after that.

I posted the image below (from a test game) in this thread. I do think it’s a mistake to lose the carrier - in this case, it was just sitting there minding it’s own business … although yea, I can see your argument that it is a combat zone.

Note that carriers often arrive in “the nick of time” … plus if you have to send one away, it takes a while for it to come back. Losing a carrier early on in a low $$$ game can be pretty painful.

I just realized this changed when I lost 6 carriers in a tick relying on the old behavior to fend off an attacker.

If the damage is to be spread evenly, at least allow ship transfer orders to resolve before combat so I can reasonably defend arriving carriers.