Carrier movement email notification


I think it would be nice to have a system in place whereby I could set an option to have myself notified by email when a selected carrier arrives at or leaves a star (and perhaps when it leaves your sensor range). Waypoints are great when you know for certain a ship needs to follow that path, but sometimes you need to wait and see where an opponent’s carrier moves before making your own decisions. Other times you want to see what your sensors have revealed around a newly captured star before sending the carrier on.

Often in war these decisions are very time-sensitive so you must act as soon as you know your opponent’s move, but you also don’t want to sit around your comp or on your phone all day waiting until they make that move.


I suppose an email system as you describe would be beneficial in some instances as long as the option is there to turn it off as I am sure there would be some that wouldn’t want to be emailed every time something happens.

I am curious though, when you say [quote=“kexsel, post:1, topic:1168”]
when a selected carrier arrives at or leaves a star
do you mean another players ship as well or just yours?


Could be either. Each carrier would have a notification option, by default it would be off (no notification).

Turning it on an enemy ship would alert you when it arrives or leaves a star so you can plan your moves knowing where he’s headed.

Turning it on friendly ships could be useful if you want to prioritize where to send it based on new scanner data; way points force the carrier along a path while this would allow more freedom to fine tune that path as you go.

Probably mostly beneficial on enemy ships, but I’d probably use both.


I can most definitely see a benefit for enemy or other players carriers.

I recently suggested a sort of intelligence type tech where you could get a clearer picture of a stars details like ship numbers etc, perhaps this tech could go a bit further by giving a ‘cone’ type graphic on an enemy ship giving you an idea on where he is heading next.


That sounds interesting, but pretty easily worked around by someone that can be online regularly; either by not using way points or by setting a way point and then changing the destination just before the start of the next jump.


Just any email notification system that would tell you that an enemy fleet has been launched in your direction might make real-time games bearable for those of us who would like to sleep more than 1 hour at a time… It would have to be easy to turn off once you’re actually in a war.