Carrier orders sequence question

I’m new to the board, please educate me if I am posting in the wrong place. I have a question about Neptune’s Pride game mechanics.

Suppose 2 carriers arrive at a star on the same tick. I want to transfer ships from one to the other before they move on. If one has a drop order and the other a collect order at the star, and orders to continue moving, is it guaranteed the ships will transfer? Or is it possible the collecting carrier will process its orders first and leave before the dropping carrier processes its drop order? If sequence counts, is it possible to determine in advance which carrier will process its orders first?

I suppose this situation could be alleviated by giving the collecting carrier a 1 tick delay order. But I am curious if the delay is really needed.

In the past, I used the 1 tick delay method. Many players suggested a feature request, so Jay changed the code.

Now carrier drop orders are processed first before carrier collect orders within the same tick, so a 1 tick delay is no longer necessary.

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I see. Thanks for the info.